The paradox of thought 

Thoughts are just thoughts. They are neither good nor bad. But it’s difficult to resist judging them. It seems that the harder you try to get rid of a bad thought, the worse it gets. The key to battling negativity is accepting it. This paradox allows you to step aside from the worry and view […]

A tyranny of taste

Movie critics, wine connoisseurs, jazz heads — these expert analysts set the standard for what’s good, bad, and kitsch. But what’s popular is social. Trends are the result of the wisdom of crowds. The problem with the masses though is they’re usually wrong. Marketing serves them repetition. Taste is a property of the mind. It’s […]

Twitter’s soul decay

Rumor has it that no one–neither Microsoft, Disney, Salesforce, nor Google–wants to acquire Twitter. The common fear though is that the ‘media company’ as we know it today is going to change regardless of its new owner. Ditto your Amazon books and music unless you own hard copies. — Wells Baum (@bombtune) October 16, […]

Listening to see

If you sharpen your listening, you can sharpen your vision. Try this: pick a sound to focus–the train passing, a nearby conversation, birds chirping–and you’ll feel start feeling more observant too. You may notice how the light bounces off the train’s windows, the talkative woman’s curly red hair or untied shoe, or the health of […]

The 100% Rule, Ai Weiwei on Beijing surveillance, the California Typewriter, new tunes from Joy Orbison, and more

Pick of the week:  In 2009, former Yale professor and best-selling author William Deresiewicz addressed West Point cadets on the meaning of solitude and leadership.Read on…For tracks of the week, scroll down 🔻  Arts & Culture Ai Weiwei on Beijing Surveillance One of the key traits of any artist is to protect against and take advantage of […]

Why everyone should blog

Everyone should blog. You do not have to publish 500 words a day. You do not even need to post at all. In fact, writing comes easier when you can write for yourself, in private. Use a smartphone journal like the Day One app or the ever popular Morning Pages Journal where you write by […]

Newsletter: “Have the monks stopped meditating? They all seem to be tweeting.”

1. Why train travel in the US sucks “Amtrak runs 300 train journeys per day while France’s state-owned SNCF operates 14,000 train journeys per day.” 2. Do audiobooks count as reading? “If you take the question from the perspective of cognitive psychology — that is, the mental processes involved — there is no real difference between […]

“When the brain is listening to music, it lights up like a Christmas tree.” | Digest

1. This too can be yours: Why ‘AirSpace Style’ is making all places look the same “Digital platforms like Foursquare are producing “a harmonization of tastes” across the world” 2. The obsession with Kate Bush, explained “I don’t believe in god, but if I did, [Kate Bush’s] music would be my Bible.” 3. This professor describes the future […] Digest: Cargo shorts are uncool, woodpeckers help brain trauma studies, Jack White spins vinyl in space, and more

1. Cargo shorts, practical but uncool? “Men want to be like James Bond. Bond never wears cargo shorts.” 2. Studying woodpeckers is helping prevent brain trauma “When you’re hit on the football field, parts of your brain may fizz like a just-opened can of soda.” 3. Finding your long lost twin “It is entirely possible for two people […]

Walking is hard

Walking didn’t use to be this hard because we didn’t think much about it. But now we’re all walking zombies, staring down into our mobile screens. We use our ears and narrow field of view to warn us of impending danger. Thankfully, designers are creating smart powered pedestrian pavement to save our lives from distraction […]