Cultivating disparate views

Two America’s, two different realities. If you can shape your own feeds and build an arsenal of self-confirming information, why do you ever have to see the other side? But that’s precisely the problem. Inundated with reassurances and accelerated culture, people promptly ignore what they disagree with. Technology is not neutral; instead, it is weaponized […]


How to unthink

Knowledge can be a hindrance. The more we know, the more likely we’re to hesitate in times of execution. So the overthinking basketball player misses a wide-open layup, the tennis player misses an easy return, or the painter or writer can’t seem to get their inspiration to convert on a blank canvas. Stalling is a […]

7 articles to read this weekend

Every week I like to collect a bunch of articles on creativity, culture, and tech. Below are my 7 favorites. 1. Team Genius Behind every genius there’s another partner. People are social animals; they need other people to bounce off ideas and to collaborate with. One could say that the mind engages in its own […]

More Reflection, Less Action

Instead, we too often view the opposite of “doing” as “not doing,” and then demonize inaction. In fact, good judgment grows out of reflection, and reflection requires the sort of quiet time that gets crowded out by the next demand. Don’t mistake inactivity for laziness, for doing nothing could also be deep thinking, or sleeping […]

On Thinking Caps

I’d like a literal thinking cap. A regular baseball hat, but with the look of an orange or yellow construction hard hat. It would say “Construction in Progress, Do Not Disturb” on it. Here’s why. There is an annoying asymmetry between inside-head and outside-head thinking. A thinking cap would solve this problem. People think they […]

Can what you do *before* you write improve your actual writing? | Literally Psyched

While ritual in itself may not play any role in the quality of the creative output, the simple act of engagement could heighten both anticipation and enjoyment of the entire creative process. Rituals enhance engagement. That added engagement benefits the entire experience. Experience puts the bones in the goose.

Remain Skeptical

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Doubt on purpose.  Doubt in order to jump start different thinking and experiment, rising above the ordinary. Narrow-mindedness is accepting things by default. Life requires diversity which begets progress. Nevertheless, skepticism is only one step one in redefining existence. […]

Un(u)sual Assumptions

Everyone assumes allergies or sickness upon a sneeze. Everyone assumes a tech maladroit for owning an old cell phone. Everyone assumes guilt before innocence, even though the legal system believes otherwise. Everyone assumes that prayer increases their chances of luck. Everyone assumes that life goes on. All of these assumptions might be true, especially if […]

11 Tricks For Battling Creative Blocks, From Leading Creatives

The physical world is ultimately the source of all inspiration. Which is to say, if all else falls: take a bike ride. In short, leave the computer to restart the creative system.  This could be anything from a walk to a bike ride to riding on a plane with no access to email.  Wonderful things […]