To dare is to blog

A blog helps you solidify your thinking. But the practice of blogging is both a freedom and a constraint. It’s liberating to say whatever you want, even if no one reads it. How dare someone discovers you! At the same time, there’s a fear that what’s written isn’t polished enough to be published. But that’s […]

I stopped thinking in tweets

because it wasn’t the game I wanted to play because I wanted to synthesize my thoughts on my blogs and share my discoveries in a comprehensive newsletter because I didn’t want to think in 140 characters because I wanted to read more books because I decided to do something more durable, i.e. write another book […]

The revolution will not be televised

The obsession with novelty is what makes things popular. Yet, what appears ‘new’ is a facade built on designs of the past. Trends are unstable because their form is temporary. Like click bait, they’re told to be known for the contagiousness of their spreadability. Innovation plays the long-game. Not surprisingly, it’s usually the stuff that […]

Tuning out the news

In today’s age, unfollowing the news will give you a peace of mind. News entertains, it dances with sensationalism and highlights disappointing stories. ‘As it turns out, your hobby of monitoring the “state of the world” did not actually affect the world,’ blogs David Cain in his piece ‘Five Things You Notice When You Quit […]

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

The individual wears no logos. Punks wear studs and diamonds. Fashionistas signal their hipness with cashmere scarfs. We all brand ourselves in one way or another whether we sport plainness, tattoos, or Prada. We speak through our clothing. Design reveals some of our inside expressions. But most of us are more complex than that. We […]

Big picture thinking 

Photographers want to be painters or sculptors. Bloggers want to be journalists or published authors. The egoist wants to be president, of anything. We all want what we don’t have until we realize that desires are just launch pads for deeper work.

Stay woke

That which threatens freedom is condemned to goad it from the depths of dormancy. We take freedom for granted during peaceful times. We assume that it’s a fact until we forget that coercion is natural and freedom is artificial. Some people can revert back to their natural tendencies. It’s beautiful to see people awake again, […]