On criticism

The doer wants acknowledgment for their work. They want people to scream their hosannas. But criticism is democratic. Not everyone likes Radiohead’s last album. Every Trump tweet draws liberal contestants. Where you fall in the Messi versus Ronaldo or Jordan versus Lebron debate could be a preference based on your birth date. Opines literary critic […]

Despite the challenges

If you’re never wrong, you’ll never be right. Rightness is a function of the mistakes you make. If you’re not making a mistake, you’re making a mistake. Failure is just another data point. Bottling stress only exacerbates it. Writes psychologist Susan David: “When you say, “I’m stressed,” you conflate your whole self (I am = all […]


Our inner narrative is alive 24/7. Most of our thoughts are garbage, random and unintelligible. But we can dictate some of it, to write the book in our head we want to hear. That’s why it’s so critical to surround ourselves with things that reinforce the way we want to think and live. When author Ryan Holiday […]

Call to mind

When an image comes to mind, it goes from dreamy obscurity to reality. Images don’t exist until our eyes give them an interpretation. They wait for the brain’s chaotic cellular information to connect. Our visions act like an aperture on the iPhone, rendering the highest pixel resolution. What brings life into existence is the stimulus of […]