TED Talk: Tim Ferriss ‘Fear-setting’

As an entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, investor, motivational speaker, and life hacker, Tim Ferriss is a jack of all trades. Like many of us, he’s obsessed with work and optimizing work habits. But he learned the hard way. A near suicide and a breakup with his girlfriend made him change. Instead of being goal-driven, he played with […]

Maria Popova talks about writing for herself, creativity, and more on the Tim Ferriss Podcast

Below are some of the highlights of Maria Popova from her interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast. Some of the topics discussed include how to be interesting, on doing the work, and what makes a person creative. On being interesting “The key to being interesting is being interested and enthusiastic about those interests.” When Kurt Vonnegut […]

Define your fears instead of your goals

Remember our rule of thumb: The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it. — Steven Pressfield, The War Of Art Echoing Seth Godin, “Habits are more important than fears.” Or as Tim Ferriss says, “Define your fears instead of your goals.”

Why Seth Godin opts out of social media

Writer’s block is a fallacy, according to Seth Godin. You just write bad sentences and bad ideas until you something good to play with. After all, whoever got talker’s block? Seth’s thoughts on social media are also thought-provoking and to the point. If you listen to his latest interview with Brian Koppelman, you’ll hear Seth […]

The Top 5 Things I Learned from Jamie Foxx

In his most recent podcast, Tim Ferriss interviews the actor, comedian, and musician Jamie Foxx. As with all Tim’s interviews, you have to take notes because of all the insightful advice along the way. Below are five takeaways from the interview: Think global. Learn as much as you can about other cultures, their struggles and […]

Newsletter: Maria Popova on creativity, how music enhances productivity, why “big data” is bunk, and more

Arts & Culture Podcast: Maria Popova Hosts the Tim Ferriss Show Maria Popova is the writer behind Brainpickings.com. In this podcast, she explains how to be interesting, creative, and how she chooses what to read next. Take notes (here’s mine) and steal from this one like an artist. “The key to being interesting is being […]