Getting to zero time

Time is constant. And it keeps on moving with more and more rapidity, driven by technology. Said painter Fredericka Foster in her interview with composer Philip Glass: Time is speeding up in a real way. Younger people’s sense of time is completely different than mine; they have been working on screen time since they were […]

U.K. schools dismiss the traditional clock face

[bha size=’120×120′ variation=’01’ align=’alignright’]The U.K. is eliminating analog clocks from student classrooms because kids can’t read them. Says one professor from the Times Educational Supplement newspaper: “It is amazing the number of students I am coming across in year 10, 11 and in sixth form who do not know how to tell the time. We live […]

One infinite loop

Smart watches Kindle books Spotify streams The newest technologies erode their physical counterparts, but they also revitalize interest in the old stuff. The sensory, tactile experience of analog items as those listed above literally feel more special. They are stimulants: the subtle noise of a telltale “tick-tock,” the fresh smell of an unopened book, or […]