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The Bullet Journal: An analog system for a digital age

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You can count me in as one of the people that succeeds from an analog to-do list. I’ve tried countless to-do apps, and none of them push me to get stuff done like the written word.

Keep yourself honest by adopting the bullet journal system, if only to remind yourself what actually deserves your attention.

How a Bullet Journal Works

Here is how it works: you take a blank notebook, any blank notebook. You can, if you wish, buy a special one, but the notebook isn’t the point – the Bullet Journal is a method, not an object. You number the pages as you go along, having set aside a few pages at the front that over time become your contents list. Then each month you handwrite a calendar called the “monthly log” followed by a “daily log” of tasks, events and notes, marked respectively by bullet points, circles and dashes. Each day you manually cross out tasks you have completed and then rewrite the undone ones for the next day.

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Why we make lists


“We like lists because we don’t want to die.”

Umberto Eco

When in doubt, list it out.


The To Do List

The Pomodoro Technique.



Pen and Pad

There are many ways to record a to-do list and get things done.  But how your prioritize your list and take action is all that matters.

While crossing things off the list is satisfying, a project is never really done.  There’s always ways to improve.  But some things are better left as is.    

A to do list is just a way to get started, to inspire positive action.  The real challenge is remaining flexible in your time so you don’t overfocus on something that’ll make no difference in the end. 

Maybe this is why I vacillate between some of the different task managers and time keepers listed above.  None of the them really work.  That’s when I realign on my goals and vision and just attack.  Get it done. 

Never works.