Underground bicycle parking systems in Japan

The robotic system, called the Eco Cycle, stores bikes 36 feet underground. It can store 204 bikes at a time. To use it, you need to attach a chip to the front wheel of your bike that links to your Eco Cycle parking account. When you pull up to the Eco Cycle, it will recognize […]

Would you rather be late or on time?

Can you coax a train out of a tunnel? Probably not, unless you’re Darth Vader or a magician. America is the land where trains are prone to lateness. So we find things to do to fill in the gaps like passing the yellow line to “lean-and-look.” In contrast, trains in Japan run on time. If […]

‘Thank you’ x200+

Imagine saying that to every ticket holder on the train. Every day. The main reason train conductors say ‘Thank you’ is not only to show they care (although you could argue it’s desultory) but also to mentally check a passenger off the list. It also triggers the passenger to put away their ticket. Relief. They […]