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Despite the challenges

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If you’re never wrong, you’ll never be right. Rightness is a function of the mistakes you make.

If you’re not making a mistake, you’re making a mistake. Failure is just another data point.

Bottling stress only exacerbates it. Writes psychologist Susan David: “When you say, “I’m stressed,” you conflate your whole self (I am = all of me) with the emotion.”

Conformity relinquishes uniqueness. “Uniformity and freedom are incompatible.”

Time travelers can change the course of history with a sneeze.

Apps are short-term solutions. You can’t medicate your problems away with them, nor Adderall for that matter.

A start is means nothing without the finish. Said Garp, “You only grow by coming to the end of something and by beginning something else.”

Doing good can be problematic. Teju Cole quotes John Berger: “A singer may be innocent; never the song.”

And so forth.

Life & Philosophy

Some Aphorisms

An aphorism is a terse saying, expressing a general truth, principle, or astute observation, and spoken or written in a laconic and memorable form. (Wikipedia)

Below is a compilation of aphorisms written down on my phone this past week:

People still pass time reading the summaries.

Sunglasses are earbuds for the eyes: they say: ‘I’m in my own world.’

Algorithms are a way to solve our curational woes.

One way to get good ideas is to generate a lot of bad ones.

People avoid odd numbers, scheduling tweet for noon instead of 12:01.

Sitting is the new smoking, but only to remind you not to sit too long.

Scaremongering is the new political approach for the unskilled.

People seek pleasure over pain because they fear boredom.

Snapchat is the sole remaining unalgorithmic, all you can eat feed.

Artificial intelligence is crowdsourced from human intelligence.

Productivity makes time freeze and the hours tick.

Indecision makes happiness ephemeral.

Emails are a big fish to fry.

Screeches are more deafening than silence.

Pinterest is a social version of Google image search.

The heaviest social media users are introverted.

Reading between the lines creates more questions than answers.

There’s an app that will delete your writing if you stop. If you STOP.

Criticism grows with age because you stop learning.

Gaming the system is outsmarting the barriers within legal bounds.

Even a single rider needs more elevator space.

When you think in brevity it becomes a way to express a truth.