Ev Williams’ Medium is Blogging for the 9%

“Medium occupies the space in-between WordPress and Tumblr.” Medium is a great publishing platform for the occasional blogger. I actually enjoy writing in its minimalist environment more than I do publishing on it. But I feel the same way about Medium as I did when I first started Twitter. I get it and I don’t […]

Facebook: Get In To Get Out

Facebook’s mission is distraction rather than connection. People log in to Facebook and forget why they visited in the first place.  The whole experience is a complete time suck. The real value in a social network is in its utility.  For the most part, people wander into Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr seeking information (world news, […]

Tumblr’s Security Flaw and the Inevitable Downfall of Your Password

The best way to protect your online passwords: trust each company that possesses your information as little as possible. if one of your passwords—and you should have many—hasn’t already been stolen, one will be. It doesn’t matter how long it is, or how closely it resembles an indecipherable alien language; someone who is not you […]