Apple Should Facilitate Social, Not Build It

Tim Cook hit it right on the head last night in his comments on Ping.

We tried Ping, and the customer voted. (link)

Ping was meant to be Spotify but it was stuck to downloads and actionable-click sharing. Conversely, Spotify streams and shares music playlists seamlessly.

Apple should let Ping fade even if iTunes all of a sudden becomes part of Facebook’s frictionless sharing timeline and adopts the all access streaming model.

Apple simply doesn’t build social networks but it optimizes its operating system for easy social interaction. Cook hinted at a greater Facebook partnership in the iOS.

Facebook has hundreds of millions of customers. So, anyone that has an iPhone or iPad, we want them to have the best experience with Facebook on those platforms. (link)

Deeper Facebook integration into the iOS puts pressure on Facebook to differentiate its phone.

Besides Facebook, Cook didn’t give anything new away in his interview except the improved version of Siri. Undoubtedly, Siri will make it easier for customers to engage in social.



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Here’s how she did it.

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Ek’s Warning to Artists


Your album’s getting shared en masse over BitTorrent, over YouTube. It’s there, right now — but you decide that it’s the paying, loyal music fans that should lose out. It makes no sense.

Music streaming is in a weird spot if you’re an artist. Legitimate services like Spotify are working for you and against you.

More people than ever are out there ready to discover your music. Problem is you only get paid a penny per stream. iTunes pays out at least 70 cents.

Spotify works at the artist’s expense.

That’s why the Coldplay precedent is a good one. It joined Spotify two months after maximizing on downloads for its last album.

The music streaming dream of unfettered access, royalties, and platform profitability remains unresolved. The challenge is in good hands.

Looking to cut this blog’s content into audio and possibly, video pieces. I still think text in quick snippets are the best way to convey thoughts on the web. But there’s also the book I’m working on.
Looking to cut this blog’s content into audio and possibly, video pieces. I still think text in quick snippets are the best way to convey thoughts on the web. But there’s also the book I’m working on.

TV Is Just Noise

Mobile/Tablet weaning TV users:

…Internet videos, social networks, mobile phones and video games — in short, all the alternatives to the television set that are taking up growing slices of the American attention span.

I watched the Twitter stream throughout the Super Bowl. I was merely listening to the game on the big screen, occupied in reading and conversation. I really only paid full attention to the last 4 minutes of the game while still closely watching Twitter.

I bring my iPad to watch videos in bed. My wife watches TV on her iPhone using the Optimum app while going in and out of YouTube videos.

These new viewing habits are here to stay, at least for the younger crowd.

Apple may introduce the slickest Internet TV yet. Even though we’ll have our app channels on screen, the TV will still be the TV, unable to hold in your hand.

Tangibility means control and comfort.

The TV will merely be the widget everyone unites around for the big events. But don’t count on people actually watching. Listening and sharing, maybe.


Instagram Dictates It’s Own Pace

On Instagram’s future:

It wants to be an entertainment platform, where people can come and consume. And getting there means getting on every platform, in every country.

The Instagram rollout is both ambitious and risky. It could double its user base in a couple weeks with an Android release. Yet it holds back letting the anticipation do the marketing.

Instagram doesn’t want users to see it as a photo sharing service, just like Twitter doesn’t want people to think its a social network. Instagram wants to be the visual communications version of Twitter while scaling like Facebook.

How Instagram gets there in its deliberate slow pace leaves many doubting. Some people think that all Facebook has to do is develop its own filter based photo system and Instagram is dust.

But Instagram is about quality and workability. The UI is beautiful, the filters turn amateur into professional, and the platform doesn’t break.

One thing is certain. I’m never using Flickr again.


iLike’s Extinction: Timing and MySpace

iLike had it all: Free streaming music, Facebook integration, and a workable ad based business model.

I built my first app for an artist on iLike 3 years ago. It streamed the album, showed artist pics and tweets. It even included a couple puzzles.

But MySpace ruined its potential, ran iLike into the dark while it focused on its own revival strategy.

Thankfully Spotify picked up where iLike left off. And wisely allied with the largest social platform on Earth to secure its growth.

Sometimes it pays to bloom late and mix in with other visionary companies of similar aspirations.


Social media > Search Results > Discovery

Everything you do in social media contributes to [online] search…And search is how people find you [and your business]. – Chris Brogan Interview

Other tips:

  1. Tweet useful information. Become a trusted source.
  2. Recommend one of your useful products.
  3. Earn a sale.

The power of suasion.


Seth, Why Can’t We Make Digital Scarce?

The interesting takeaway for me is that the book has been available for over a year, so it’s not like it was hiding. Only when it became scarce did the rush happen. Seth Godin

Create more scarcity moments.  Create less exclusive product and sell them all.  But make sure your best fans know exactly how many there are left.

Or to Seth’s additional point on the “showroom effect,” get a retailer that will promote the heck out of it.

There’s no way to capitalize on scarcity, mass, digital, and even direct sales at the same time and with one product.

You need to chop up your product and sell unique versions in both the physical and digital space.  Even if that just means signing 600 books.  A signature creates a completely new product.

You can also pace the rollout of the content like hitting the physical space prior to a digital release.  For example, Coldplay held out for 3 months from Spotify.

What people don’t talk about is scarcity on the digital side.  Digital can have shelf life too.  Sell 1,000k personal thank you videos to the first 1,000 digital buyers.


Social Television

The Social screen:

He said he could see a time when certain movies premiered on Facebook instead of in theaters.

The beauty of the Internet is direct. The beauty of social networks are mass and spreadability.

Given favorable economics for Hollywood, social networks are the next movie screens. Forget going to iTunes and Amazon. You will be consuming content where you interact, in a social environment.