Why Creative People Sometimes Make No Sense

“Sometimes what appears to be a contradiction on the surface is actually a harmony in disguise. My problem has been primarily one of communication. I am learning to let people know what I am thinking and why, and explaining myself in a way that helps them understand why I am discussing multiple perspectives instead of just cleanly stating my own. At first it might not make sense, but give me/us long enough, and it will.”

Complexity is how things work. Has anyone successfully mapped out the brain? No, but the brain works.

For creatives, the options and combinations are endless but we still have to run with a decision and face the fear of being wrong.

Productivity & Work

People that “get it”

Everyone gets it from a macro perspective. How could you not?

But have you seen the guts of how it works? Have you actually played with it? Do you really understand the ins and outs?

I don’t get it when people say they get it. You don’t get it. What you get is the initial idea, the shell of the concept, not what’s on the inside, plus all the intricate work involved.

People that get it are excusing themselves from doing the work and discovering what it all really means.

How do you get something that you don’t even use? Getting it and doing the work are two separate activities. You may get basketball but when it comes to game time can you actually play?

So get this: Next time you want to say that you get something, what you’re really saying is that you’ve got work to do. And by the way, no one, even experts, ever truly get it either. The idea that you mastered something is a merely an admission that you’re done improving.

Getting it is non-actionable. What you really need to do is get in it and see what it’s all about.