Earth stripped of water

Life as we know it can survive without sunlight and oxygen: witness the creatures that populate the sulfurous vicinity of submarine hydrothermal vents. Life as we know it cannot live without water, and where there is water, there is almost always life.“I discovered living creatures in rain, which had stood but a few days in a new tub,” Antonie van Leeuwenhoek observed in 1675 after peering through his invention, a new and better microscope. A grown man like Pablo Valencia can last three weeks without food; without water, at most several days.

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Streams as anti-structure 🏞️

Photo by Wells Baum

The structure of a stream lies within its anti-structure, the unpredictable and chaotic movement of its flow; fresh water slithering over rocks, persisting downward all the way into the mouth of the river.

Streams can only perform their function if nature permits such fluidity, the human renter backs off, and it swims unimpeded; flexing a dynamic energy so essential to the information Earth collects.

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Plants provide air. We feed them
and they give us oxygen in return.

Businesses provide products. We pay them money and they fulfill our needs.

Social networks facilitate sharing. We supply the content and they enable us to connect online.

None of these things could exist without dependency on the other. Everything is based on symbiotic relationships. We all scratch each other’s backs so we can move on with the business of living.

Naturally, wherever there’s a bond there’s a thaw or antagonism somewhere else. Did we over/underwater the plants, disrupt another business, or criticize someone online?

Never alone, we’re always willing to cooperate but equally waiting to fight.


Nowhere exists somewhere

Nowhere exists somewhere. It may be invisible like air or essential like water, but it’s there to be occupied.

Nowhere is a place you go when life has sucked all options out you. Nowhere is that end of the road feeling, a mouse-trap of guilt and self-pity.

But nowhere is at least a place to start, a clean slate with boundless ways of action. Pursuing a direction generates confidence and kills the stigma of nowhere.

Nowhere is somewhere, depressing as it may be. But it’s just not a place you want to live in too long. Any step is a step forward out of the invisible. Hope and gut are the only thing you got.


Pay to Play

You have to pay to use some bathrooms in Ankara, Turkey.

This entry poses two barriers:

  1. You have to own 1 Turkish Lira.
  2. You really have to go to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, I had neither. I just wanted to go before the 4-hour bus ride to the Black Sea.

But even if I had 1 Lira, I still had to decide whether it was worth the pay to play.

Money constrains your decision-making. We should only buy the things we actually need; everything else is just a “nice to have,” yet we still desire more spending money while demanding more free stuff.

Nothing beats free. But free often leads to overuse. Nothing beats the value we extract from paid entertainment. But excess boredom begets materialism. Nothing beats paying for necessity. The essentials may not keep us happy but they keep us alive.

And other amazing travel photos.
And other amazing travel photos.