What holds attention determines distraction

Even checked distractions will lead you to distraction. What holds attention determines distraction.  This very day I have been repeating over and over to myself a verbal jingle whose mawkish silliness was the secret of its haunting power. I loathed yet could not banish it.  What holds attention determines action. William James, The Principles of Psychology Was […]

How to make up your mind and decide

Decisions are multi-faceted. They can be manifested as desires, little bets about on how you want things to go. After all, all believing is betting. However, you can also decide against your best wishes. No one wants to put a sick dog to sleep. Difficult decisions paralyze people’s judgement. “Sometimes it’s not what I want to […]

William James on attention

“It is an odd circumstance that neither the old nor the new, by itself, is interesting; the absolutely old is insipid; the absolutely new makes no appeal at all. The old in the rim, is what claims the attention,—the old with a slightly new turn.”— William James   Nothing too new, nothing too old. Recast […]

The 3 types of habits

Habits come in all shapes and sizes but some habits are more impactful than others. Listed below are habits ranked from easiest to hardest. Easy Habit: Making the bed is a good habit. It’s the first accomplishment of the day and can be just enough to get you to take other positive actions like cleaning […]


Opportunities and problems go together. But it’s your perspective that determines how you see the good or bad of this dialectic. It’s of course much easier to be a pessimist. Bad thoughts are typically stickier than the good ones. Optimism is harder to produce. But when you look at your challenges with a pragmatic lens […]