Intensely watched, intensely remembered

Intensely watched, intensely remembered. It’s not the trouble-free we ought to pursue. It’s the challenge of a good idea. Instead of pushing through the messy middle, we dash to the nearest exit: answering another useless email. It’s the distractions that make us dumber. Like a blob of mercury, we are mentally stoned. The immediate response […]


When in doubt…

Let your art make the rounds. Don’t hide it. Don’t try to be everywhere. Pick a place and be consistent. Rules are recommendations. Feel free to break them, recast, and remix them. Rest when you’re underperforming. Don’t quit. The muse is nonexistent. Inspiration is bunk. Habit is a bicep curl for the brain. I hope […]

No one is normal

The environment that we live in intends to become a part of our mind. But there’s always a mismatch between who we know we are and what others expect us to be. Human beings are intricate. No one individual is alike. Mimetic thinking makes us feel worse, not better in the long-run. Conforming is like […]

Near and far

The basis for life is all interpretation, an internal chatter that either zaps positive momentum or dwells on negativity and drains the well. For starters, your attitude should weave together what optimizes you rather than than conflicts. For example, instead of looking at your day job as a means of necessary survival, try to find […]

A guide to art

Art is the ability to get lost and navigate by the gut. Art is teachable but its answers require no education at all. Art is the act of perpetual innovation. Art is expression on canvass, a business product, a speech, and countless other remarkable creations. Art is controlled randomness, a collection of disparate things. Art […]

Wear Space is a cubicle for your face

Panasonic is developing blinders for your face so you can preserve a “personal psychological space.” The company debuted the item dubbed Wear Space last year at SXSW in Austin. Writes the product website: As open offices and digital nomads are on the rise, workers are finding it ever more important to have personal space where […]

A coherent me

Stuck and predictable. We stop beating the heart to our own drum. Instead of chasing our dreams, we ride the coattails of others. We become a cog that seeks to please rather than to push. How we align our attention, to the duty or to the clusters of individual freedom, is what determines our self-worth. […]

Risky indecision

In the absence of ideas, we’re lost floating at sea. Weighed down in idea debt, a lack of action can have the same debilitating effect. Interia is the purported enemy. Just write the truest sentence already. What works better is facing fear and proceeding right into it. Keep your eyes on the prize and spend […]

Creativity is a fancy version of productivity

People confuse busyness with productivity. Answering emails all day is mostly a waste of time, as is instant messaging co-workers. Doing something — typing into little boxes all day — fulfills the human desire to feel useful. Similarly, people often perceive what artists do is an unnecessary use of time. But creativity is a fancy […]