“The chair-based lifestyle”

Humans are not made to be sedentary. We are born to walk, run, and hunt. Our bones serve to help our survival. But we sit all day long. It starts in Elementary school and lasts the rest of our lives, through work and into retirement. Excessive sitting is a lethal activity. James Levine Sitting kills you. […]

‘Thank you’ x200+

Imagine saying that to every ticket holder on the train. Every day. The main reason train conductors say ‘Thank you’ is not only to show they care (although you could argue it’s desultory) but also to mentally check a passenger off the list. It also triggers the passenger to put away their ticket. Relief. They […]

Work Email

Email management is overwhelming. We’re constantly out of space and setting up automatic filters. It should be a game in which we get paid with points. Jive Software is one company trying to come up with a solution for email 2.0. It’s offering a social business platform that is relevant to the way we now […]