Working backward

We all know what we want. Our main challenge is in getting there. But if you take your end-destination and outline the steps to achieve it working backward, it suddenly becomes less intimidating. You can’t skip any steps. Mastering each step fortifies the fundamentals which help you push through temporary and unforeseen hurdles. Greatness is […]

It pays to be different

People complain about athletes, Hollywood actors, and CEOs making a lot of money. But their level of expertise and professionalism are scarce. You have to have unique skills and meet market demand to get paid big. The majority of us make less because we’re replicable and fungible; there’s always another person with the same skills. […]

Race to the Bottom

When you underbid your skills, you forfeit quality in exchange for cheaper quantity. Your work may increase margins but it undermines the original fabric of operations, not to mention damages the environment. Do you cut corners in order to get ahead? Do you outsource the chance to do the work, think, and connect? A text […]