Health Science

“The chair-based lifestyle”

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Humans are not made to be sedentary. We are born to walk, run, and hunt. Our bones serve to help our survival.

But we sit all day long. It starts in Elementary school and lasts the rest of our lives, through work and into retirement.

Excessive sitting is a lethal activity.

James Levine

Sitting kills you. If you don’t move often, you’ll get fat, sleepy, a bad heart, and you’ll be underproductive.

If you’re not a runner, then just walk. 15 minutes of movement or 2,000 steps prevent you from gaining weight.  If you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to run and eat right.

Exercise combined with a healthy diet keep both body and mind fit.  But don’t forget to take breaks and walk about—Go here and know some good meal plans too. Thanks to Steve Jobs, an avid walker, you can answer emails and social network on your phone.  You may even want to consider standing while working.  My mom does this and remains hyperactive all day, enough to come home and take care of three hungry boys.

My favorite part about walking are the meditative, creative, and discovery benefits.  When we’re more relaxed, our perspective is deeper.  We’re more open to life’s possibilities.

In short, move.  Move more often than you think.  Your life and productivity depend on it.


‘Thank you’ x200+

Imagine saying that to every ticket holder on the train. Every day.

The main reason train conductors say ‘Thank you’ is not only to show they care (although you could argue it’s desultory) but also to mentally check a passenger off the list. It also triggers the passenger to put away their ticket. Relief.

They say to practice speech in front of a mirror for a reason. We remember what we say better than what we think, more so than inner monologue. But we really remember our lines when we speak with emotion, as do others when we say it to them.

That’s why the monotone ‘Thank you’ is such a practical and word, a paradox rife with boredom.


Work Email

Email management is overwhelming. We’re constantly out of space and setting up automatic filters. It should be a game in which we get paid with points.

Jive Software is one company trying to come up with a solution for email 2.0. It’s offering a social business platform that is relevant to the way we now communicate: social.

Microsoft Outlook should be hustling to preempt Jive with its own version of social corporate email. But my gut tells me its version of a social platform looks like Gmail, a slightly more advanced version of email.

Gmail is the most advanced form of email to date offering Gchat, unlimited space, and video conferencing. A lot of startups use Gmail not only because but it’s cheaper but also because it speeds up communication. Gmail also allows for tons extra space and has a phone built in it.

If Jive can take Gmail elements and build them into a social design of feeds rather than a la carte email then it’s good to ship. Email’s future is about to get a whole lot more social.