Designing the official World Cup ball

Every four years Adidas redesigns the official ball for the World Cup. This year’s ball is called The Telstar 18, a perfect sphere that designed to reduce wobbling. The Telstar 18, the design for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, is as close to a perfect sphere as you can get. It has subtle pimples […]


Nigeria’s World Cup kits are 🔥

In an interview with Fader Magazine, Nike FC’s Design Director Pete Hoppins says the Nigeria kit was actually the easiest one to design: Nigeria was actually the easiest! That’s everyone having fun. We worked closer with the players and the Nigerian federation to make that happen. The hardest were Brazil and England, just like always. […]

What you want

…is probably not the same as what you’ll get. You may get better, or worse, but the most important thing is that you’ll get some chances. Opportunities always arise. They can be surprisingly easy, tap-ins as they say in football (soccer), which if unprepared or unfocused become incredibly easy to blunder. Chances are seldom. David […]

More than a game

The American media (aka ESPN) finally realizes that they can’t ignore the world’s most popular game. Football (soccer) and especially the World Cup makes all other sports look trifling. In what other sport can you truly gather the world’s best talent and pit them head to head? The Olympics is global but there’s only so […]

Signal and the Noise

I’m wearing my US soccer jersey today on the train and am generating loads of side conversation about the US-Germany game. I typically don’t like to signal what I’m wearing like a fashionista but it’s important to remind people that you care about the game and the country. Passion makes it easy to ignore being […]

World Cup Sharing

I’ve been toggling 50/50 between consumption and sharing on Facebook and Twitter this World Cup. Because Twitter is a discovery network, I’ll find interesting articles or funny GIFs and post them into Facebook. I supply the newest, hard to find content and generate instant discussion amongst my friends and colleagues. Because of the way Facebook’s […]

Sunday Social Roundup

Instagram pulled a VSCO and introduced more editing tools this week, most notably the ability to reduce the strength of filters. I still think VSCO’s filters are superior and more natural looking. Beats introduced a star packed World Cup commercial. No wonder they sold to Apple. Otherwise, who was going to pay the bill for […]

7 articles to read this weekend (World Cup Edition)

The World Cup starts next week. Below are some recent articles talking about the beautiful game. 1. Soccer’s Etymology Despite its British origins, Americans get a bad rap for using the word ‘soccer’ “These people have conveniently forgotten, or they don’t realize, that the word soccer originated in England,” and is thought to be associated […]