Fred Wilson is an open blogger.  He writes skillfully about his opinions and observations and inspires me to do the same. 

the blogging revolution is more than a free publishing platform and a new model for media. It is self expression at its core. It is people being who they are, talking the way they talk, and doing it in public. (link)

In fact, it’s the honesty that makes writing easy.  

So many people say they’ll start a blog and never do.  It’s a combination of the lizard brain telling them to watch what they say and the fact that blogging takes work, if you look at that way.  It’s ironic that the people that want to blog and talk a lot are the less likeliest to do it. 

Blogs require openness and revelation.  For me, writing is an opportunity to get it out of my system.  My words are not even meant to provoke but a chance for me to be accountable for something I’m trying to put together in my head.  I want to figure it all out. 

Blogging is an undone activity.  There’s always something new to talk about and while you may have your core principles, the glut of ideas on the Internet can convince you to think otherwise.  Blogging is for the elastic brain.   


The Durability of Blogs

Blogs get a bad rap.  The perception is that micro-blogging and real-time reporting obviate them. 

So here are three reasons why blogs aren’t going to all of a sudden disappear into irrelevancy as a platform for creation and consumption:  

  1. Some people want to own their own self expression domain.  For bloggers and creators, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are outlets to spread the word about content on their blog.  These social networks are valuable marketing drivers. 
  2. Despite the decreased attention span of the digital age, people will still give you their attention to consume quality content.  Originality is key but bloggers can also be a source for awesome curation. Tumblr is a great platform for demonstrating that expertise.  
  3. Using social channels as a blog host is like using social channels for sales.  Social platforms are meant for conversation and building relationships.  They are the engagement glue that sparks interest in product.  You still need to visit a blog or an e-commerce site to own something and get all the perks.  

Blogging is about control.  Facebook and Twitter can’t monetize your content without your permission.  Create a website or an online store because whatever it is, owning something makes your responsible for shipping.

“10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer” by Brian Clark Download the PDF and put it on your wall. 

Copywriting is king

Copywriters are the new salespeople for the digital age.  They convince people to buy stuff through text rather than old fashion smooth talk. 

The central copywriting challenge today is about informing the customer and promoting customer interaction without being too sales driven nor misleading.   

Copywriting is now about brevity.  Online readers scan content.  Attention is scarce and therefore precious. It’s 140 characters of less.  

Copywriting puts the bones into words and emotion into the reader’s eyes.  Good copywriting is intentionally intentional unintentionally.  It’s like soft power.      

Copywriters are the backbone to design.  Without them, you have an awesome car that doesn’t get talked about or purchased.  


WordPress Ads

I received an email this morning from about its own ad system, an alternative to Google Adsense.

With Adsense, you embed a strip of html into your blog hoping that it matches your blog content.  Relevant ads were rarely the case when I experimented with Adsense.

The WordPress ad system will be no more relevant but it may be easier to sign up and install.  It’s definitely worth testing.

Personally, the only reason I’d run ads on my blog is to raise money for charity.  I’d rather sell eBooks if I wanted to monetize my efforts.