10 Products That’ll Make Interesting Holiday gifts 🎁

Below is a list of ten items I think you might be interested in, including products that’ll help improve your cognition, creativity, productivity, your inner-spirt, and maybe your wallet too! Note that if you do buy anything from the below, I may receive a tip of sorts. 1. Get yourself and others some Bitcoin. Who […]

The Illusion of Christmas

Hypnotic, dizzying, and trippy. ‘Tis the season: We have developed our design through the use of 3d modelling software. In doing this, we were given the advantage to view our compositions through mobility and constant change of viewing points aiming to achieve the most effective result possible. This process extends our understanding regarding these mediums […]

Coke made Santa

Saint Nicholas is a product of pre-Ottoman Turkey, reimagined in 19th Germany, and popularized through 20th century Coca-Cola advertising. Advertising makes culture. Globalization spreads it. And the Internet personalizes it back into a mass of niches. Everybody celebrates Christmas now in some form or another. It’s the uninspired that remain unimaginative.

The Smaller the Better

The bigger the gift, the better the gift, at least that’s how it used to be. Today, that notion is the complete reverse. Kids want tablets and iPhones, not toys and clothing. The smaller and thinner the packaging, the better the gift. Everything (computer, TV, Internet, video games, wallet, etc) is converging into tiny devices. […]

Gift Card Cop Outs

It’s so much easier to give someone a gift card and let them choose what they want to buy rather than giving them something undesirable. While the gift card is easier and may make the receiver happier, it fails to achieve a memorable, emotional connection. The art of giving therefore is knowing what you think […]