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The history books will always tell you that the map is the territory or the painted image is the thing. But the representation is all illusory.

What makes reality is code of the brain, the neural pathways that convert the external world into something it can interpret.

It just so happens that all humans see things roughly the same. Our Who-What-Where-Why is replicable.

It’s the stories we tell ourselves and pass on that help us unstick from the prison of biology. Reflection and time perpetuate beliefs and traditions pass on, more so as they exaggerate reality. And the best part is that it’s all made up.

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The Illusion of Christmas

The Illusion of Christmas by Signe Emma and Theodoulos Polyviou

Hypnotic, dizzying, and trippy. ‘Tis the season:

We have developed our design through the use of 3d modelling software. In doing this, we were given the advantage to view our compositions through mobility and constant change of viewing points aiming to achieve the most effective result possible. This process extends our understanding regarding these mediums available at the moment as “setting the stage” for creativity to be enacted. The final result is an interplay between the “physical” and the virtual.”

The Illusion of Christmas by Signe Emma and Theodoulos Polyviou



The Smaller the Better

The bigger the gift, the better the gift, at least that’s how it used to be. Today, that notion is the complete reverse.

Kids want tablets and iPhones, not toys and clothing. The smaller and thinner the packaging, the better the gift.

Everything (computer, TV, Internet, video games, wallet, etc) is converging into tiny devices. Kids don’t differentiate between screens and reality, first screen and second screen, touch and feel.

What’s in that small gift is their future edited life.