Teens Will Remain on Facebook

The AP reports that teenagers are dopping Facebook for Twitter, allegedly.

So more young people have started shifting to Twitter, almost hiding in plain sight.

First of all, Twitter is a public platform.  Facebook is a private platform.  Teenagers may be naively using Twitter in private groups right now.  They’ll learn quickly though that the only way for celebrities to reply to their tweets is if they’re running an open account.  As I previously blogged, a retweet is the new autograph.

Twitter is the world’s chat room where you can converse with an array of interesting people, more people you don’t know than you know.  You inevitably open up and make an effort to engage with the people you’re interested in.

Although Facebook’s US engagement levels have declined it’s made a permanent stake as a friend repository.  It’ll always be there and most of everything else will just plug and play right into it.

The article lacks concrete evidence on a complete teenage shift to Twitter from Facebook for privacy purposes.  Both social networks coexist and they’re used for completely different purposes.  The AP should republish this article in a year’s time when Twitter is 3x bigger and Facebook is 1 billion users strong.

Privacy is the antithesis of Twitter.

Quick laughs:

“Facebook is like shouting into a crowd. Twitter is like speaking into a room”

“They just want someplace they can express themselves and talk with their friends without everyone watching,…”

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By Wells Baum

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