That which tints

tinted window

We don’t want to consume things too rich — otherwise, we get fat.

Hedonism is a distraction from distraction. None of those daily binge sessions amount to anything but a temporary enjoyment, an attempt to medicate some unconscious problem away.

The same goes with eardrums; anything that sounds good gets in the way of the business of living.

Yes, straight-shooters get the emotionally augmented dopamine hit from pursuing the sweet. But there are no cheat codes to achieving long-term serotonin. Open book tests amount to nothing without knowing where to look.

We hunt not for the solutions, but the right problems to solve. And to do that, we need to establish an environment unmoored from excessive stimulation and hand-fed answers.

The trick, it seems, if we are to remain healthy and do things that matter is to find something that creates an ambiance of balance while inspiring a modicum of doubt.

So we create a neutral yet complementary and seeming invisible setting, such as the color gray laced with an ambient soundtrack in the background.

Obscurity provides luminosity. A tint keeps one locked into space and time, producing a focus that widens the thinking and expands the mind to glowing originality.

If one needs to power off to achieve alertness (re: aliveness), follow through. The pleasure of wanting the moment anticipates its existence. Maintaining a mental harmony within the shades of our surroundings is the best place to engage our internal weather.