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The Blame Game 👉

There’s never one person at fault, especially in a team game.  But people want someone to take responsibility.  Case closed.

A coach takes the blame for a team’s loss.  The CEO takes the blame for investing in a failed product.  Someone, please take the blame! 

People obsess with finding guilt.  And they will always blame the most defensive person first.  So it’s better to keep your mouth shut. 

But guilt is a two way street.  Failure is often the result of a group, not one individual.  Work it out. 

From the standpoint of the individual, it consists in having a responsible share according to capacity in forming and directing the activities of the groups in which one belongs and in participating according to need in the values which the groups sustain. From the standpoint of the groups, it demands liberation of the potentialities of members of a group in harmony with the interests and goods which are common.- John Dewey, The Public and Its Problems, LW2, 327-8)

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By Wells Baum

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