The burn of discontent

The burn of discontent

Everything starts and ends from the burn of discontent.

We all have an inkling for something, a dormant enthusiasm, waiting to erupt so we can pour our hearts into it.

But the wait is killer. Toiling in anonymity while practicing in mediocrity needs a special kind of patience.

The resistance can only win at our own capitulation. The work is all that matters. 

As they say, “the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

If self-promotion along the way helps one build up the confidence to ship, by all means, do it. We must seek the respect we deserve, even as we cringe at our past selves.

We serve as both the audience and actors in the play of life, a striving artist in a sea of countless faces and avatars. Feedback is welcome, not necessary, as the challenge lies within ourselves to compose the highest quality.

No one is going to announce our emergence. All we can ask for is to be consistent with our time. 

Elsewhereness is for daydreamers. Showing up saves us from giving up. The only talisman is the heart and head work.

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