The change game

The change game

The older you get, the less inclined you are to care what other people think. Individuality hardens with age.

It is not for lack of interest. The wise person is always looking for new ways to challenge their views. They separate their emotions from the facts. But experience also teaches them they’ve seen enough to corroborate their angle on life’s issues.

Still, there are plenty of folks who resist change. The current American leadership is a testament to the power of nostalgia. They want to fence out the future and move forward with all the benefits of the past. Stuck in inertia, better never gets to see any daylight.

When you’re young, you’re more receptive to outside influences. We’re in the service of diversity, progressing through the chaos of disparate opinions. The media’s propaganda can be both contagious and confounding.

The gravitational pull of echo chambers grows with time. There’s no such thing as a tranquil flood of information; most of it is poisonous. Brands and partisanship colonize parts of our mind and pose dangers to individual thought. We mistakenly fall in love with other people’s shit and stylizations.

Believing more is believing less. Clenched too tightly, stubbornness and myopia will always render us out of form.

Humans intend to question throughout life, and that’s that.