The End of the Facebook Era? Yes. But It’s Not the End of Facebook

I think we all knew that Facebook wouldn’t be brought down by a direct competitor the way it took down MySpace and MySpace took down Friendster. We knew the same of Bing that it wouldn’t make any real dent in Google, only fight to maintain its share. But, as a marketer, I’m not ready to call for Facebook’s demise. When a platform works for business, you have a strong motivation and a big pool of people fighting to see it work. That’s a nice ally. It may not make you cool, but it’s nice to go into to battle with.

Good analysis rebutting Facebook’s demise.  It’s hard to be relevant to kids and adults at the same time.  But when the latter also have more chips in the game it’s rare to see something completely fade away. 

But you could’ve said the same for these guys?

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By Wells Baum

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