The Instagram Effect

The most significant thing about Instagram is that it completely altered my mobile habits. It got me to brush aside Apple’s native app for its own app and it made me discover the world more.

It turned serendipity into an everyday occurrence, as I stumbled upon the amazing shot that could tell a bigger story than words. Instagram made me feel like a photographer just like GarageBand made me feel like a musician.

I set up an ifft rule so that all my Instagram photos got automatically saved. I started to share my photos through Twitter and Facebook. I bought other photo apps just to crop photos to the ideal square Instagram size and to touch up shades.

Clearly, Instagram got Zuckerberg’s attention even if the CEO used his Instagram account only once. My wife even said she stopped using Facebook because it was just her image laboratory. Images took to long to upload and she liked the beauty of Instagram as a replacement. I personally got the attention of my own network whom often wondered how I took such astonishing photos. I told them, I just have the eye, Instagram has the finishing touches.

It’s hard to say what I liked more about Instagram, the easy to filter interface or the rich community behind it. Even I became guilty of deleting photos after a few minutes with 0 likes. Instagram pushed me to take better shots and get wiser in my hashtagging. No one will see your photos unless you market them with a popular pound sign.

Instagram was and is game-changer. It makes stodgy people more creative. And most importantly, it teaches to think differently about the environment and to really appreciate the beauty around you. How Apple let this one loose we’ll never know.

The only ask of Facebook is to keep Instagram independent. Keep the sharing features open to all popular networks including Twitter. Don’t make me log in to the Facebook to use Instagram. Don’t rebrand it or even change the logo. And don’t make it hard to use. I know Kevin still cares.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.