The Internet Gets Physical

Below are some of my favorite culture and technology reads of the week. Don’t forget to peep the tunes.

Name That Band

Chances are your desired band name or website URL is already taken. Google it. So you’ll have to think more creatively to be original, like playing off celebrity names (e.g. Com Truise), shortening words and adding emojis (e.g. Knx.ノレッジ).

Channelling TV

Publishers have to forget about going direct through site and via owned apps and instead post content within apps like Snapchat and Facebook. That’s where people are. Snapchat’s new Discover feature is TV for teens. Between channeling monetization and the masses, the “next Internet” looks complicated and ugly like TV.

+ Speaking of apps, Chinese workers rig App Store rankings.

The Internet Gets Physical

The Internet is a physical thing. It’s a cable underneath the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a Google farm in Oklahoma. We eat the Internet and it eats us says Irish digital artist John Gerrard.

+ Pete Rock & CL Smooth: “I Get Physical

Watercooler Meetings

There’s a reason startups are more fun than established businesses: they build better office environments where people like to hang out and be productive. Startup offices thrive off ping pong tables and free snacks. Collide naturally, not in meetings.

Van Goes It

Even Van Gogh struggled to find the right career path. But he chose a subject matter, painting the working class at the coal mine, which became the foundation of his career as an artist. You can only connect the dots by looking backward.

+ Are coders really “makers?” We’re all making something, even if we’re teaching. Just listen to how Bjork defines creativity.

99 Memory Problems

Our memory is murky. We make up stories that hyperbolize the truth (re: Brian Williams). But while we can never remember the details, we do recall the main lessons. There’s a reason we don’t pet the pit bull or cross the street in traffic. We know better.

“The goal of memory isn’t to keep the details. It’s to be able to generalize from what you know so that you are more confident in acting on it.”

One Hit Wonder

What’s fashionable is short-term, argues Neil Geiman. People won’t be talking about Fifty Shades of Grey a century from now. Uniqueness is a timeless quality. Find a tribe and good works last forever.

♫ Tracks of the Week

  1. Ruff Draft – Messages
  2. Axel F – Sofa Coins
  3. Sau Poler & Pedro Vian – Paral.lel
  4. Portico – 101
  5. Space Gang – When You Love Someone

Thought of the Week

“Between what is said and not meant. And what is meant and not said. Most of love is lost.” – Khalil Gibran

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