The looking glass self: “I am who I think you think I am.” 🔎🙍

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Identities are social. But not necessarily in the construct of how we or others see us but how we think others perceive us. External reflection is what philosopher and sociologist Charles Horton Cooley called ‘The Looking Glass Self” theory.

“I imagine your mind, and especially what your mind thinks about my mind, and what your mind thinks about what my mind thinks about your mind.”

So who am I, We, YOU, Us?

It was only six hundred years ago with the ownership of mirrors did we see ourselves as unique. Today, we have front-facing cameras so we can curate an edited version of real life.

Mirror in, mirror out. “I am who I think you think I am.” Be whoever you are, and much more.

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  1. I LOVE psychological philosophy & didn’t think about how far we have come/fallen since mirrors came about & now with introducing the selfie sticks, cameras etc…. I feel like the doctored version of our image is becoming increasingly less unique and more copy cat. Thanks for this article, really a unique perspective on the woes of humanity.

  2. This is something I ponder often having just launched my blog. I’m hyper aware of how I present myself to the public, it’s a little stressful at times. I think it’s important to take time to look at our inner selves as well.

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