The music in our heads

The music in our heads

The brain is an unfettered motor.

One of the best ways to quiet the monkey mind is by listening to music.

Music helps people get out of their own heads. When listening to music, people not only relax, but they feel obliged to take more risks. Music galvanizes humans into an unconscious zone of action.

Athletes pre-game to music to drown out distractions so they can mentally focus on the game. Listening to sound can help you run more, focus better, and put one in a zone of cognitive flow.

Artists listen to music to help them plunge inside their consciousness. Instrumentals turn the mind into a conqueror of thought, not just a tourist.

In such a way, sound is a magical elixir of auditory drunkenness. It helps remove hesitancy by turning off the resistance to our surroundings. Music quiets the amygdala so we can dance with fear.

Everything is mental. But music turns off the brain. We listen to music to tame the chorus of thought in our heads.