The paradox of wearing neckties, faking happiness on the Internet, new tunes, and more!

I like to share a list of links every Sunday that inspire me to think differently about the world of art, culture, philosophy, and tech.  As always, there’s 5 new tunes after the jump.

Links Worth Reading

How to pretend to be happy on the Internet

Everyone’s a happy camper online. After all, why would you tweet or Instagram sad thoughts and get your Internet friends all worried about you? Yet even when your online behavior changes slightly, people notice.

“Pretending to be happy on the Internet is exhausting.”

Dickheads: The paradox of the necktie resolved

I never minded church so much as wearing that uncomfortable suit and tie. Even then, the color of the tie was still the only way to express any individuality.

“Couldn’t we say that a tie is really a symbolic displacement of the penis, only an intellectualized penis, dangling not from one’s crotch but from one’s head?”

At least now we can get away with hiding behind our hoodies. Thanks Zuck!

What Part of “No, Totally” Don’t You Understand?

Good news for the Yes Man: you can finally get away with saying “No” and still come off acquiescent. “Yes” is too serious and one character too long.

“These curious uses turn “no” into a kind of contranym: a word that can function as its own opposite.”

Yes, way.

The Rise of ‘Studyblrs’

Staying on social media would seem to have the opposite effect but these students are the new knowledge workers. They’re using Tumblr to motivate each other and trade study tips. I had AIM and a fax machine growing up.

“For example, Generation Z will be great at synthesizing information because they will have been doing that — rather than memorizing — the whole time they were in school.”

A ‘Darker Narrative’ of Print’s Future From Clay Shirky

It’s no longer breaking news that print circulation is down. It’s inevitable, just as it is for the death of CDs. But good writing is worth reading. The medium is less important.

“Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism.” – Clay Shirky

New Music

Tunes of the Week | Episode 48

  1. Ahkatari – Rude Bwoy
  2. Bakradze – Quiet Loop
  3. Redeyes – Psychonaut
  4. Robert Glasper – Of Dreams To Come (Philippe Edison Rework)
  5. Skepta – Shutdown

> Listen

Thought of the Week

“If you want to make money in a gold rush, sell shovels.” – The California Gold Rush

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