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If you want to sell more of something, list it second.

The sophisticate never orders the first option in the wine list. People choose the second wine option on the list; the bottle that also happens to be the most popular and most profitable.

Back in the day of CDs, the music listener never bought the album because of the first song. They bought it for the second track, which was usually the lead single played on the radio.

Lists can make for a deceiving design. Customers pay a premium for their misperception.

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  1. yeah I store my music on I tunes. There is a software that coverts youtube videos into Mp3. Si I don’t buy music that much anymore. I used the software program convert the youtube video to Mp3 download it on the computer and then store it on the I tunes…..

  2. Very true. Labels had a cash-cow there for a while with a piece of plastic. What’s your music consumption preference now? I’ve been all around: SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. but have recently got into Google Music b/c I can upload all my MP3s.

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