The random things we collect

We can all admit to collecting something weird. For me, it was Absolute Vodka ads in the 5th grade. They were currency and could often get you Cheeze-its instead of Cheetos, and sometimes could be swapped for hard cash.

I also went through a year of collecting hotel pens. My dad was always bringing them home from business trips, so when we went on vacation with the family, I always had the extra pleasure in snagging my own.

Inspired by New Museum’s exhibition called ‘The Keeper,’ The New York Times asked its readers to submit their hoarding obsessions. Below is my favorite.

what we collect
Constance Thalken

“For one year, at the end of every month, I collected and saved the contents of my vacuum cleaner.

Collecting physical things is just the start. One professor believes that collecting and cataloging our digital archives will be a common trait of the educated.

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By Wells Baum

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