‘The right to disconnect’ 📱

Stop working from home and get some rest. Even better, plan some unscheduled time.



Wait, what?

On January 1st of this year, France passed the ‘right to disconnect‘ law which enforces a digital diet outside working hours. The rule prohibits employers from calling or emailing employees during personal time. France already imposes 35-hour works weeks.

It's still too early to tell if French citizens are actually abiding by the rule meant to restore sanity in our always-on culture. But the intent is the right one: we need to create more space for relaxation. Keep in mind that our brains are working even when they're powered off 💤. Disconnecting is a right, even if it feels a little foreign to put to rectangular glow aside

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5 thoughts on “‘The right to disconnect’ 📱

  1. Wow, what a great law or what? I don’t think the issue is employers emailing employees after hours or expecting them to do work. I think the real issue is with the individual, it’s hard for us to not work when we are at home. I have that problem, I would be breaking this law myself regularly.

  2. No doubt it takes tremendous discipline…when everything converges onto one device, one quick check to IG leads to opening up email and so forth down into the rectangular glow!

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