The role of the creator


Content creators are also content keepers. Like DJs, they find pleasure in curating the web for hidden gems.

The internet offers a treasure trove of interesting artifacts just waiting for perusal. So the creator notices, samples, and recasts subjects into something completely new.

Everything is a remix, built on the stems of previous forms. The end product may not be truly original, but it’s hardly theft. Previously buried in the graveyard of dead blogs, old ideas reemerge and get nurtured into clever hybrids.

Making media is the process of making sense of the profundity of content. We see patterns and connections by revisiting and jumping around in our collections. Synthesizing helps consolidate information in our consciousness and headspace.

There’s no reason to squirrel away notes and observations for our own safekeeping. We needed to know about Darwin’s finches. If the ideas never get shared, do they even exist?

The creator takes on the extreme privilege to ensure media never gets lost in the data shuffle. They tread carefully, preserving and categorizing information objects into something meaningful. The archive remains evergreen.

Creators exist to tell the short-sighted or too busy what’s what. Their job is to explore the known and strange things. Dissecting what’s overly overconsumed, overlooked, advertised, and unseen is an art that helps keep culture humming.