The top five tools for keeping yourself creatively motivated

Newspapers, blogs, and Twitter:  I’m always searching for little inspirational nuggets across a diversity of sources.  Don’t just subscribe to your normal feeds of interest.  Make sure to read off-topic articles too.  Creativity is about connecting disparate things.  

Walking:  If given the option between the train or a cab, try to walk instead.  Walking is very much like meditation but with your eyes wide open.  Bring your iPhone when you walk to capture your surroundings:  photos, videos, a diary post on the go.  Listening to some music while walking also helps set the mood.

Writing daily:  One of the main reasons I blog every day is to exercise the mind.  Each day is an empty canvass that must be filled.  Writing is an opportunity to clarify our thoughts and to turn uncertainty into more exactitude.  We all have to believe there’s an answer, shedding relativism in our path.

Working with others:  Collaborating with other people and getting them to share your vision is damn hard.  Leadership is a creative challenge all by itself, a test of patience and persistence.  The central challenge is keeping you and your team motivated throughout production.  The payoff:  Inspiring others ultimately inspires yourself.

Rejecting conformity:  People too easily get sucked into the mainstream.  Mimetic desire is an admittance of ignorance.  Better stuff always exists.  Your job is searching for the next thing before it hits the crowds.  Being an early adopter is creatively motivating, especially when the thing being adopted gains mass.  You’re trends ahead.  

These five tools propel creativity.  But their effectiveness is in the doing.  You have to be perpetually active to stay creatively motivated.  You have to be willing to do the work every day; one thing leads to the next.

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By Wells Baum

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