There is no formula

There is no formula
Photo by Wells Baum

If you knew how your life would end up, would you want to know?

Some of us want to skip to the finish line, fast-forward to the end of our own movie. Some of want to follow the herd and loop around the racetrack in predictable mediocrity because it feels safe. Others prefer to embrace life’s uncertainty with healthy doses of optimism and doubt.

We already know what calls us. Vocation chooses us; we must follow that instinct and see it where it leads.

Patience is a means to progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor should we skip it to run to Paris. Life ebbs and flows, like a sine wave.

Fragility and ignorance are strengths; they ensure we don’t skip any steps along the way. As John Berger wrote, “You can plan events, but if they go according to your plan they are not events.”

Like a planted seed, we are stuck in the roots of imagination with everywhere to go. The maze, frustratingly fascinating, goads a search for meaning. Lost and found is precisely the point.

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  1. It would be like someone giving you a wrapped present and then saying “It’s a blender!” before you open it. Just a blender? That’s not what I wanted!

  2. Sometimes we end up back at the beginning, circling like vultures….hopefully we can learn from mistakes in order to avoid repeating and reliving the same old story in different iterations.

  3. But the experiences, the little things… the things I’m sure people would want to skip, are what builds character. It’s more about the journey than the finish line.

  4. I think people are obsessed with controlling the future a lot more than knowing it. I mean, they just want things to happen the way they want to them to happen. And, yeah, they want them to happen right now.

    But, as they say, patience is a virtue.

    Great post. Thank you!

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