These are some things I just assume are Internet habits:

  • Images that get tweeted natively on the Twitter platform aren’t good enough for Instagram.
  • Facebook is intentionally boring and useful to keep you coming back. 
  • People see your Tweets but don’t always respond either because they’re busy, lazy, or can’t generate a countering thought.  
  • It’s easy to see when other people steal your ideas for their own work and don’t give you a hat tip. 
  • Those that publish something digitally every day in the morning (blog post, tweet, etc) are generally successful. 
  • Those that track their workout habits are incentivized to workout more. 
  • Soccer (football) fans are religious about their sport online and off.  
  • Minimalists hoard digital items but collect very few physical things. 
  • Most bloggers lack originality.  Tech bloggers all write about the same things using different words.  Creative bloggers post the same images.
  • The medium is the message.  Twitter forces people to think in brevity.  An Instagram is the best status post. 
  • The majority of people still don’t know how to use RSS feeds effectively.  
  • Smart people still read books, digital or physical, because they long for paying attention to the story. 
  • Downloading music is old school.  No one wants to buy an extra hard drive. 
  • Older digital users want a stylus for tablets and smartphones and a keyboard.  Younger digital users have bad handwriting, can’t spell, and can type just as fast on touch screens. 
  • Emails are text messages. 
  • Online writers explain less because they can hyperlink out more.  
  • A tweet back/retweet from a celebrity is the new autograph.  
  • Facebook is still slow on mobile despite the recent upgrade. 
  • Foursquare users aren’t going away. 
  • On the whole, people just read headlines and forget the details.  
  • Painters make unnecessary use of Instagram frames.
  • It’s hard to discover music on Spotify due to lack of catalog. 

Safe to assume?

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.