Thinking in fragments

Half-baked ideas are valuable ideas. Messy minds and messy processes generate new ways of thinking. #amwriting #gif

Half-baked ideas are valuable ideas. Messy minds and messy processes generate new ways of thinking. 

We create through the imperfect. “A small drop of ink makes thousands, perhaps millions think,” wrote businessman and self-help book author William Clement Stone.

The more ideas we have, the more we have to play with. Brainstorming is, therefore, a democratic process that begets everything from rules and rights to innovations like the iPod. Thinkers look for gaps in human needs and find ways to build opportunities around them. 

Concepting in any form — through discussion, rough drafts, or Twitter conversations add to the intensity of life’s possibilities. In producing and collecting fragments the puzzle pieces start to become whole.

gif by @annasalmi