Thoughts on the Digital Divide

Professor Susan P. Crawfor on the extant digital divide:

Thirty years from now, African-Americans and Latinos, who are at the greatest risk of being left behind in the Internet revolution, will be more than half of our work force.

I’ve been reading about the digital divide for what seems like ages.

Internet access is in a majority of US homes, if not people get access through their mobile phones. The main issue now is Internet speed.

Location has a lot to do with this. Cable companies are going to build high speed Internet in wealthier neighborhoods. The rest of the US just gets left out.

It’s the government’s job to pressure the big cable companies to universalize high speed access at affordable prices.

If we want our future workers to be thinkers and entrepreneurs we need to give them equal access to the endless stream of educational multimedia and instant communication on the Web.

Otherwise, we’re leaving the best business ideas to a world that is already quickly catching up.

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By Wells Baum

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