Tools R Us

Is photography art? Is race car driving a sport? Humans decide what to do but machines (e.g. camera, car) still do most of the work.

On the other hand, drawing/painting or playing soccer/basketball depend on the human widget, the body, playing in tandem with the mind. Traditional art and sport require natural dexterity.

As technology evolves, these activities will continue to require less effort. With smart glasses, you can snap photos on demand or record your day and snatch a photo out of it later. You can develop a follower base that watches you master online sports games.

So what's a professional artist or athlete in today's age? Even more, what's a student? Why make kids memorize stuff that can be googled?

However easy it gets to capture stuff, play virtual sports from the couch, or “know” Spanish, you still need to learn how to see and connect the dots.

Art, like athleticism and education, is knowing what you need and what move to make at the right time, whichever tool you're using.

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