Turning Attention Into Real Purchases

There are so many factors going into a marketing campaign.

Is the timing right?  Is the message clear?  Are the buy options readily available?

How do you get people to care enough to open their wallets?  Is your story convincing?

I thought building a music compilation which raised money for Japan to be fairly obvious.

The money goes to Japan in a time of need and you get great music for your donation.

The problem I’m having is converting buyers into promoters and social networking likes and tweets into sales.

I’m not seeing much conversion.

I’d say 90% of the sales have come through family and friends.

My goal would be for the project to hit mainstream.

I don’t know how to get there quite yet but I’ll keep pushing on all ends with my consistent message.  That message is simple: Donate at least $5 & get 54 tracks. Sick eclectic songs, which you can’t get on iTunes.  Done.

Do you have any marketing recommendations?  What am I doing right or wrong?  What should I be doing more of?  I’d appreciate your insight.

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