“Twitter amplifies the excitement of live sporting events…”

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That’s a shot of Thierry Henry scoring earlier this year on his brief return back to Arsenal.

Twitter is an incredible sports outlet.

It’s been my main source of sports scores the whole Premiership season.  I can follow the games in real-time and view instant highlights (thx Arsenalist) in my feed.

Twitter sports is a huge microphone for teams and fans alike, an incredible marketing tool for spreading awareness and creating excitement before, during, and after games.

I’m happy to see Twitter build relationships with leagues and teams to take advantage of this opportunity.  A NASCAR-Twitter deal was just announced yesterday.

Dick Costolo on the deal:

Twitter amplifies the excitement of live sporting events and gives NASCAR fans insider access to the drivers and teams they love…

With that said, I’ll be reading the Twitter stream closely today for the Champions League final.  The combination of player commentary mixed in with the voices of those I follow always make for an interesting conversation.

Sometimes the Twitter stream is just way more interesting than the conversations heard in the pub.

Enjoy the game.


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