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Twitter: The Long Game

Twitter:  More important than money
Twitter:  More important than money

Twitter works. Just look at Instagram. It’s all you can eat Twitter without the words. Images only.

The only reason Twitter is struggling is because it can’t make money. Other than that, it’s an invaluable service. It’s an extension of my online education. If you follow the right people you can learn more about your work and yourself. You can connect with people whose style you admire. One day, you’ll meet these people face face to face and it’ll feel normal. Twitter helps bridge the online and offline personas. You are what you share.

I’d pay to use Twitter. I wouldn’t pay for Facebook. I might pay for Instagram although I can get the same satisfaction from Tweeting images or putting them elsewhere like Flickr or on the VSCO Grid. It’s still too early to asses Snapchat’s value-add to the online world but it works like a private and public Twitter that communicates real-time moments through images and video. Its Stories feature has opened up a window to events across the world. If Snapchat disappeared tomorrow, it would’ve trained me to use iMessage with more playfulness.

Twitter’s scale isn’t the issue. It’s the people that can’t create their own Tweets that shy away from participating that undermine the growth of the network. So don’t expect for Medium, Twitter’s long-form baby, to be widely adopted either.

Maybe all Twitter needs is its 300 monthly active users. That’s a massive niche that doesn’t need to market to the macro.

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By Wells Baum

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