Weekly Newsletter: Twitter’s soul decay, MIA’s riffs on the Internet, a helpful Instagram app, new tracks and more

Week ending 10.23.16

Between Friday's Internet outage and the Cleveland Indians LeBroning it into the World Series, it feels like 1997 all over again. That being said, below are some interesting articles and tunes I discovered this week.

Arts & Culture

Cultural Criticism and the Way We Live Now

Given culture’s categorizations, people always conform to a certain type regardless of how big or small a niche. Culture’s resistance to sameness guarantees uniqueness and plasticity while continuing to evolve; unless you’re author Mark Grief who appears to be against everything:

The cultural critic’s conceptual enemy is the smoothing formula known as “the wisdom of crowds”: if you are doing what everyone around you is doing, you are not thinking, and you are missing out on your own life.

M.I.A.'s Advice For Aspiring Musicians

The artist treads a fine line between a unique creative process to one that can become manufactured. Take the case of MIA; the Internet made her a star and removed her underground status along with it. As she makes a comeback with her new album AIM, now she blames the web for getting her lost in the shuffle.

When I first happened in 2005, you could have multi-streams. You could have independent streams, underground, or the mainstream. You had those options, and now you don’t really have that. I feel like your art only gets judged through “everybody’s looking at it” or “nobody’s looking at it.” And if no one’s looking at it, then it’s irrelevant. That’s how we’ve trained our brains in the last five years. But at that time, you used the internet to make spaces that were a genuine counterculture to the mainstream. Now the internet is the mainstream.

Philosophy & Productivity

Here's How To Finish That Fucking Book, You Monster

Novelist Chuck Wendig is no stranger to establishing ruthless writing habits. He puts down 3,000 words a day regardless of the circumstances, following the old Pressfield adage to put your ass in the seat and get to work. He argues that quantity, the habit, is the only way to get to quality; that is to say, the more you make, the more you have to play with.

The only thing that matters is FORWARD MOTHERFUCKING MOMENTUM. One step at a time. One leap. One sprint. Find a reasonable goal and hit it regularly. And when you don’t hit that goal – Don’t beat yourself up.

Social Media & Technology

Twitter’s soul decay

While it’s not clear how Twitter would disappear, or how your profile would renew, some of Twitter’s longest and most passionate users like Navneet Alang, find it hard to imagine a life without looking through the lens of the blue bird. Below are some of the highlights from his think-piece on the cultural and neurocognitive impact of Twitter.

Twitter has colonized my mind. Almost every day for just under a decade, I have checked the site, have tweeted, retweeted, been subtweeted. My mental map is the frontier surrendered, and Twitter is the empire. To become occupied by a social network is to internalize its gaze.

FocalMark App

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New Music


  1. Boxcutter – Canopy
  2. LSB – Capture My Heart
  3. Calibre – Iron Balls
  4. Slamagotchi – Folded
  5. Low Leaf – Psychlez
  6. Dil Withers – Aloe


Thought of the week

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