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Below are some of the interview questions prospective students get asked at Oxford University. With today being the day High Schoolers predetermine their lives by taking the SATS (jk), I thought I’d answer a few.

Is it easier for organisms to live in the sea or on land?

It depends on the number of competitors that live in each area. However, the human species intensifies the ‘survival of the fittest’ on terra firma. Humans start wars.

What makes a short story different from a novel?

Short stories can be as long as a Tweet, a blog post, or a 30-page PDF. The plot gets revealed sooner. A novel works more like chess, where multiple stories can be happening at once. Novels are long and tend to only be finished if the reader is interested or entertained. One writer’s novel can be another’s short story, and vice versa. Length is perspective.

What is ‘normal’ for humans?

Normal for humans is having a brain. What separates humans is their propensity to follow. Humans are either lemmings or weirdos, with ambiverts hustling in between.

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By Wells Baum

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