Unnecessary Pressure

We’re all guilty of putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves to create stuff everyone is creating.

Take the current app phenomenon. Everyone wants to make a popular app that’s downloaded by millions of people and then bought by Facebook for a billion dollars.

Even people who don’t own Smartphones have “brilliant” app ideas.

But as soon as they try to build the app they soon realize the heavy amount of work involved, including design, coding, and investment; not to mention the fact that an app like that already exists or is probably being built by someone more adept.

The huge upside to doing what everyone else is doing is that the market is there to catch your product. Consumers have already been trained. The downside is that your product is most likely to get lost in the abundance. Only 20% of the apps sell.

You don’t have to build an app or any piece of software to unleash ideas. Ideas can be packaged in many other formats.

Just look at all the ingenuity on Kickstarter or Etsy. Many of those products are trying to fill a hole in the market or simply a niche, such as a calendar for “World’s Best Father” or a new type of organic style shirt.

DON’T PIGEONHOLE YOUR CREATIVITY INTO ONE MARKET.  Ask yourself what you’re actually good at and passionate about and spend your time there since you’re less likely to give up or burnt out. Chances are if you love it, others will too. 

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.