Using YouTube

Bob Leftsetz offers some practical advice to musicians.

Work until you get it right:

The record industry has got it totally wrong, it thinks it’s about perfection when truly it’s all about warts. You want to first and foremost be relatable, embrace your imperfections and mistakes.

See what sticks and do it again until you get it right:

Marketing is not about being on every platform, screaming your way into people’s hearts, or not. Rather marketing is about research, taking chances and seeing what works and refining it and following it up.

Making an effort to put something out there consistently:

An artist today is constantly creating and constantly in the public eye.

Ignore terrestrial radio and go for where listeners already are, on the Internet, specifically YouTube:

So forget the radio, YouTube is your radio. As it is for the younger generation.

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By Wells Baum

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