Warm among ice

A typical day (especially the last few years) invokes more pessimism than positivity. If freedom is living without anxiety, there seems to be little hope in sight.

The vortex of bad news dwindles our daily experience into a tiny nothingness. All the while, the elements of a meaningful future disappear into the mist.

But live long enough there’s eventually an uptrend, a revolution in bullish consciousness.

The sound of serenity and joy repurchases our imaginations. After all, didn’t they say this was the roaring twenties?

“Do thou, too, remain warm among ice.”

Moby Dick

We are witnessing a change of atmosphere that is more than enough to produce good vibes. Having toiled through gradations of stuckness –quarantine is a bitch — few seem to be going into the arena anymore thinking they’ll lose.

We leaned into the darkness but now we’re not falling for it. The secret of fortune is a blast out of the past. The emancipatory power of optimism creates a haven of durability.

The other life was cold as hell.