We need the prodding

We need the prodding, we need Mom’s extra push. If it weren’t for other people like Mom, Dad, a coach, brother, or teacher advising us what we should do, important experiences and future cues would go missing.

This is not to say that following advice is a prerequisite to success. For one, instructions are subjective — everyone’s life trial is unique. As thought leader Steve Garguilo chimed:

It’s one of my theories that when people give you advice, they’re really just talking to themselves in the past. 

Steve Garguilo

But without the extra context learned from having taken someone’s word and followed through, we wouldn’t know whether something was good or bad.

Sometimes we need to listen first, act, and then deduce. It is only then can we say with confidence what we really think. Experience works like a muscle: the more sets we over time, the stronger our intuition gets.

By using our heads and shoring up our gut, we can make future decisions that enable us to meet our maker. And provide our best judgment to other important folks along the way.

gif via @lookhuman